Interview for Marva von theo

1) Talk about your musical project. How was it born? How was the band formed? How did you meet?

M: Marva Von Theo is the result of perfect timing (or of “Perfect Sync” as our song sais 😉)! We met through a mutual friend at a music concert. I had reached a point where I needed to compose my own music and express myself in different ways. Theo had been also looking for a singer for many years and he was very moved by my voice and songs. Since I was living in Greece and Theo in Austria, we had to communicate and exchange ideas through the internet. Still, looking back, I have to say that our communication was very substantial from the beginning as if we were at the same room. We talked in a daily basis, not only exchanging recorded ideas, but also our thoughts on art, music, painting, movies etc, something that constantly “fed” our creativity.

2) Talk about your musical background. What music do you listen?

M: Well, as a child I took classical piano lessons. During my high school years, I was deeply moved by Jazz music and started my first singing lessons, which were jazz-oriented. Throughout the years, I favoured soul music and pop but, as soon as I discovered electronic music, a whole new exciting world was revealed to me! I started electronic music production lessons and experimented with loops and samples. Today, I have a really wide range of genres that I listen to and seek inspiration in. From experimental electronic music to dream pop and soul, my favourite artists are James Blake, Bonobo and Trentemoller, Bat for Lashes, Kimbra, Lianne la Havas.

T: I’ve been a classical and jazz pianist for almost the biggest part of my life. I have also studied contemporary composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and, apart from electronic music, I have also composed music pieces for several music ensembles. Ι always keep my ears and heart open for good music, regardless the genre. However, the music that has influenced me the most while writing for Marva Von Theo was that of Siouxsie, Joy Division, The Cure, Cocteau Twins, Velvet Underground, Tangerine Dream, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Autechre and Trentemoller.

3)How was the passion for music born in you?

M: I think that there is hardly anyone that doesn’t love music the day he’s born. I was lucky though that I had been able to study music and allowed this passion to grow together with me, in a completely natural way.

4)Dream within a Dream is your new album. How was it born? Where was it recorded? Did you face any difficulty in the recording process?

“Dream within a dream” is a dream coming true! It was born out of the creative collaboration of Marva Voulgari and Theo Foinidis, wanting to express their deepest feelings and thoughts. We have put so much effort in this album and can’t feel but proud of the outcome. In “Dream within a Dream” we have managed to blend many music genres from electronic music, pop, soul, r&b to darkwave, almost all the music we love. The production was made exclusively by Theo. The Mastering was made at Artracks Studio, by George Priniotakis, who literally “dressed” our music in the dreamiest way, with great professionalism and musicality, exceeding our expectations. The recording process of the album was far from ideal. In fact, Theo was in Vienna while I was living in Athens, our recording equipment was poor and constantly changing, and we also faced many financial difficulties. Still, we feel that It was these difficulties that bind us together artistically, in a rather creative and soul-stirring way.

5)What is your favorite track of this album?

M: Fame and Gold. The song lyrics describe the desire of a person to follow his dreams against all odds by taking the risk of failure… Every time I listen to this song, I just let its “redeeming” mood to drift me along

T: Dead In Berlin…

6)Who made the album cover? What does it represent?

The album cover was made by Dimitris Evangelou, and the original photos were taken by Periklis Liakakis. We had asked Dimitris to find a way to express the album title “Dream within a Dream” in the most efficient but not profound way. Being an electronic music lover himself and having completely seen into us, he returned with several interesting ideas. As soon as we saw the initial sketch of his idea to use two overlapping portraits that resulted this surrealistic and powerful composition, we instantly felt this was the one! It reflected the album title in such an elegant, seductive and symbolic way!

7)The album has now been published. Any regrets? Something that could have changed?

No regrets at all! At that time, we did what we felt was right and made the best of it! I think that every musician is “doomed” in an eternal battle with his wish to make changes to what he has created… Making changes can really go on forever. We just decided to move on to the next Album.

8)How is your perfect live? On which stage do you dream to play?

We are dreaming to play in big Festivals like Primavera or Glastonbury. One day, several albums after, the audience will wait impatiently for us to get on the stage, and as soon as the live starts, they will dance and sing incessantly to our music! Until this dream comes true, we really feel blessed to play our music in more intimate places, in front of a smaller audience, but equally significant!

9)What are your highest ambitions as a band?

To be able to grow ourselves through music. To wake up and sleep with music, to breathe with music, to be able to live off music, the last being the most difficult. Still, as “The Cure” have once sung: “To wish impossible things”.

10)Finally, a message to our readers …

Take a deep dive inside “Dream within a Dream”…but always be aware that one should live his life and not dream of it… 😉